product Motor Insurance
Motor Insurance

We Keep You Driving Forward

Driving becomes more reassuring when you know your vehicle is protected and insured. SARWA Motor Insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for your car.

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Home Insurance Plan

Designed To Protect Your Home

On planning protection against losses occurring in your home and its content, SARWA Insurance puts in an intensely comprehensive package.

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product Home Insurance Plan
product Personal Accidents & Life Style
Personal Accidents & Life Style

Helps You to Focus On Recovery Not Finances

Since accidents come suddenly, preparing yourself with financial support might be the smart and wise decision. When opting for a PA.

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product Property Insurance
Property Insurance

Without appropriate insurance, property losses can easily cause the entire enterprise to suffer. Your business assets aren't just expensive – they keep your business running.

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Engineering Insurance

Full Protection For Owners & Contractors

Our Engineering Insurance Programs covers many vital scopes from power and public utilities, all the way to construction, infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

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product Engineering Insurance
product Motor Fleet Insurance
Motor Fleet Insurance

Safely On The Road To Success

Keeping your business running on the road safely at all times, Motor Fleet insurance is offered to business-owned vehicles and corporate fleets.

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Marine Insurance

Covering All Things Marine

We help your business continuity by protecting the logistical movement of goods or services. We insure your cargo transported by sea, air or inland.

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product Marine Insurance
product Public Liability Insurance (PL)
Public Liability Insurance (PL)

SARWA Insurance provides Public Liability insurance to cover you against any claims made against your business – for example, if you were held

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Medical Insurance

In the Health Insurance Industry field, we are determined to establish a successful and sustainable partnership with our customers. We strive to be a beacon of success that attracts clients

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product Medical Insurance