We keep you driving forward.

Driving becomes more reassuring when you know your vehicle is protected and insured. SARWA Motor Insurance policy offers comprehensive coverage for your car. We aim at getting our policyholders back on the road as quickly as possible and with minimum hassle. As part of the convenience, SARWA Insurance keeps you covered on the road, thanks to 24/7 roadside assistance and a ourDirectors billing process with a wide network of dealers and sub-dealers.

No matter where the road leads, you'll have peace of mind knowing SARWA Insurance roadside service is just a call away.

Our policy covers:

  • Loss or damage to the insured car: covering any loss or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from a collision, overturning, theft, fire, external explosion, and willful acts from third parties.
  • Liability to the third party: the policyholder coverage for the legal expenses against the third party for injury and damage to property caused using the insured vehicle.
  • Towing expenses: as an insured driver, you can get help 24/7 free of charge on towing service of the disabled vehicle following an accident.
  • Optional for additional fees, we can extend our coverage to include Personal Accident for the car passengers and/ or Natural perils.