Public Liability Insurance (PL)

SARWA Insurance provides Public Liability insurance to cover you against any claims made against your business – for example, if you were held legally liable for personal injury, damage done to property, negligence, or damage to third parties. The insurance will also cover you for any legal costs associated with defending claims against your business.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance (FG)

In cases where dishonesty occurs internally within your business, Fidelity Guarantee covers the loss of money and property as a ourDirectors result of fraud, theft, or dishonesty inflicted by any of your employees during the course of employment. SARWA Insurance indemnifies your business in respect of pecuniary loss by any act of fraud committed by your insured employees.

Employer Liability Insurance (EL)

This policy covers employers’ liability against injury and/or illness and/or death of his employees arising from work-related incidents.

Cash in Transit Insurance

This type of Insurance covers financial losses of the insured that happen due to robbery, loss or damage which may happen to the one in charge of transmission or accompany of the custody and which may occur out of his control.

Credit Insurance

We’ve designed well-thought-out Credit Insurance Policies that pay off debts should circumstances arise that prevent the policyholder from paying off the insured debt or to protect banks and other institutions against the risk of customer non-payment. This type of insurance covers several types of possible scenarios, such as credit default, trade credit, consumer finance, mortgages, and real estate installments, credit leasing, and microfinance.