Our Engineering Insurance Programs cover many vital scopes from Power and Public utilities, all the way to Construction, infrastructure, and Civil Engineering projects.

Through our Contractors All Risks (CAR) policy, we provide the main contractor of any project with wide and comprehensive protection against possible risks. Covering events such as sudden or unforeseen loss or damage occurring during the period of construction works, SARWA Insurance protects your building materials, equipment, construction machinery, or plants during the insurance period.

While erecting and installing machinery, our Erection All Risks (EAR) policy is designed to cover the risk of loss or damage to the contract works, plant and steel structures, equipment, and machinery during the period of erection or installation.

Both CAR and EAR policies also cover third-party liability and extend to cover the project testing period and commissioning as well as during the maintenance period.

SARWA Insurance also provides Contractors Plants & Machinery (CPM) policy covering contractors’ equipment used in the various projects against any sudden damage and is used for one-year span.

For Machinery and Electronic Equipment, SARWA also provides comprehensive all-risk cover through our Machinery Breakdown (MB) & Electronic Equipment (EE) policies which not only cover any loss or damage to the property insured but also can be extended to cover any deterioration of stock or loss of profit as a result.