In the Health Insurance Industry field, we are determined to establish a successful and sustainable partnership with our customers. We strive to be a beacon of success that attracts clients by always being at their expectations. The company provides comprehensive and diversified electronic medical services through well-distributed service providers all over the country which are managed by a top-rated healthcare services administrator. Also, we offer a set of additional benefits to meet our customer needs through a team of committed, transparent, and solution-creators’ specialists.  

We offer a wide range of health plans with varieties of benefits that include but are not limited to:

Basic Coverage

Outpatient Benefits: medical consultations – Radiological and laboratory services - pharmaceuticals - emergency room services

Inpatient Benefits:

Room and board - chemotherapy and radiotherapy - intensive care and cardiac care - medical staff fees - operating room and anesthesia

Additional Coverage:

Dental, optical, Pregnancy and maternity care - Chronic and pre-existing medical conditions - Critical illnesses We serve our customers through a vast providers network that includes all medical specialties and is well distributed in Egypt.