product Saving & Protection
Saving & Protection

Our unique individual product provides saving & protection flexible coverages. On the saving front, the insured can choose a targeted saving amount that suits his different future needs such as retirement, children's marriage & education cost. On the insurance side, the insured can choose the required protection amount, which can be extended in case of death up to age 85, and for critical illnesses & disability up to age 65.

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Life & Disability Coverage

A yearly renewable policy that covers insured against death, disabilities & critical illnesses at a very competitive cost. In addition, the policy offers a guaranteed renewable for 5 years without repeating medical checkups.

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product Life & Disability Coverage
product Life & Disability Long Term Coverage
Life & Disability Long Term Coverage

This unique coverage allows insured who are requesting life & disability insurance for long terms (up to 7 years) to have such coverage for an equal premium during the tenor of the policy & with only one medical checkup at the policy start date.

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He (Male Cancer)

A very low-cost policy with a high protection value against male cancer diseases (malignant diseases of prostate, penis, testes, spermatic cord, scrotum, seminal vesicles, tunica vaginalis).

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product He (Male Cancer)
product She (Female Cancer)
She (Female Cancer)

A very low-cost policy with a high protection value against female cancer diseases (malignant tumors of the breast, vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes, placenta) - cosmetic surgery benefit to the affected parts because of female cancer, if needed.

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An adequate cost policy that insures the person in case diagnosed with one of the smoker critical illnesses (lung cancer, oral cavity and pharynx cancer, end-stage lung disease, heart attack, stroke)

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product Smokers
product Group Life & Disability
Group Life & Disability

A product that offers benefits to corporate accounts covering their employees against death, permanent total disability & permanent partial disability at a preferred cost & simplified enrollment procedure.

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Group Credit Life

A product that offers benefits to the borrowers against death & permanent total disability. In such incidents, the insurance company will pay to the bank the outstanding balance of the loan.

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product Group Credit Life
product Group Pension
Group Pension

A group saving plans that provide long-term & flexible saving solutions that financially support employees at retirement.

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Group Personal Accidents

Group personal accidents policy provides financial coverage against unforeseen events causing accidental death, total permanent disability & partial permanent disability due to accidents at a very competitive cost.

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product Group Personal Accidents
product Group Medical
Group Medical

Group insurance coverage for employees against medical risks can be extended to include dental, optical & maternity benefits. The plans are designed to provide the most adequate level of services based on ourDirectors settlement arrangements. Accordingly, the insured will not pay out of their pockets against medical services within the contracted medical network.

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Small & Medium Enterprises Packages (SME’S)

Designed for small corporations starting from 5 members up to 250 members. The plan provides a prepackaged life, disability & medical benefits that suits all employment levels. In the meantime, all plans are re-priced, accordingly employers can automatically choose their plans & enroll their employees.

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product Small & Medium Enterprises Packages (SME’S)
product Voluntary Personal Accidents Plan
Voluntary Personal Accidents Plan

A plan that provides protection against personal accidents risks (death & disability) at a very low cost. Typically, the plan is designed to provide an additional protection benefits on a voluntary basis to employees, who will pay the low-cost premium monthly as a payroll deduction.

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